Thursday, August 1, 2019

Yeah, I even have a presence on Blogger.

This is where it all began so many years ago--April 2002 in fact. I've moved to several different blogging platforms and decided to call my location at home where you can read about my latest undertakings and link to related sites of interest. This site is maintained only because so many of my earlier links point here and need to redirect folks to my main site. The original 207 posts that were located here have been moved to the archives section of that location.

If you want to go directly to my forum or business directory, click on either of the preceding links. All of my contact information for every other site or social application can be found on my weblog or About Me page. You can also check out my latest goings-on at my Squidoo lensography. My most recent project is The Hustletown Chronicle, on online news journal that promotes and supports black entrepreneurship.

P.S. Blogger lets you date posts for the future, so this one is dated for my birthday in a few years to stay current.